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Inspiring Women • Strengthening Families

A Compassionate Organisation Connecting Communities

Sincere in the services that we provide
Pro-Active in attending to the needs of the community
Compassionate in our actions
Reliable in service delivery
Effective and efficient in executing the services
Dakwah’ inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong

Based on the values of SACRED (Sincere, pro-Active, Compassionate, Reliable, Effective and Dakwah – enjoining others to good), PPIS is committed in its efforts to catalyse and develop positive changes in the lives of disadvantaged and underrepresented Muslim women and their dependents to build sustainable families that are socially and economically independent.

For every individual, family, woman and the community it serves, PPIS hopes to cultivate these virtues of success:

Visionary – Farsightedness in the pursuit of success

‘Ihsan’– Compassion and Benevolence towards oneself and others

Resilience – Willpower to rise against all adversities


Leaders in Working with Malay-Muslim Families.

In August 2009, PPIS was appointed as the Centre of Specialization in working with Malay-Muslim Families by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Madam Maznah Masop, Chief Executive Officer of PPIS said, “PPIS is honoured to be appointed as a specialist in our field of expertise – working with Malay-Muslim Families. As the NCSS appointee we welcome organisations to come to us for consultation and advice.” She adds,” With this new role, not only will we foster the spirit of collaboration within the social service sector; but by sharing our 58 years of experience and best practices with other organisations, together we ultimately improve lives and benefit people in our community.”

PPIS has also been conducting training programmes and workshops for social service professionals to have a better understanding of their Malay-Muslim clients.