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Saiyidah Aisyah Mohammed Rafa'ee is a professional athlete and national rower who won a gold medal in the 2,000m women's lightweight single sculls in the 27th Southeast Asian Games in Myanmar in 2013. It was Singapore's first rowing gold at the Games since 1997. Aisyah's success was commendable as it was achieved with true grit and determination, as well as plenty of sacrifice when she decided to take no pay leave from her job for three months to train in Sydney, Australia while paying for most of her training expenses and rowing equipment herself. The experience of training and competing with top-level athletes in challenging conditions in Sydney paid off and was instrumental in achieving her gold medal performance in 2013.

She was also driven to win gold in the 2013 SEA Games in Myanmar for the future of the sport itself, when rowing was initially excluded from the 2015 SEA Games. She however successfully convinced the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) to include the sport when Singapore hosted the games in 2015. Aisyah is currently training hard to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 and also for the Asian Games in September 2018.

Aisyah won the "Berita Harian Inspiring Young Achiever Award 2014", an award that aims to motivate young Malay/Muslims who has shown the potential to achieve greater heights and inspire other young Malay/Muslims to achieve their goals. Aisyah is also a Motivational Speaker and Rowing Coach and has also been involved in training and coaching sports to youths since 2009.

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