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INSPIRASI PPIS is a hub that serves as one-stop centre to centralise the coordination and provision of the various programmes and services for minor couples who plan or eventually choose to marry.

Young couples, where either one or both parties are aged below 21 years old, who wish to embark on the journey of marriage can benefit from INSPIRASI's marriage preparation and enrichment programmes that are supported by the Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM). Interested couples may walk-in and register directly at the hub or obtain a referral from ROMM during their marriage preparation.

inspirasi-counselling Couple and Parent Premarital Counselling Session

INSPIRASI PPIS provides Premarital Counselling Session for young couples and their parents to assess the couple’s decision and readiness for marriage, identify and address any potential issues that may affect the couple’s marriage as well as discuss post-marriage plan.

club-inspirasi-1 Club Inspirasi – Big Tickets Event – Family Day

As a developmental and enrichment programme aimed to assist couples cope with the adjustment in the first 10 years of marriage, INSPIRASI PPIS conducts Marriage Enrichment through Club INSPIRASI.

club-inspirasi-2 Club Inspirasi – Developmental programme – Housing Seminar

INSPIRASI PPIS provides follow-up support to young couples and their families in the first 10 years of marriage via its information and referral service, as well as the provision of counselling support.

titian-kasih Marriage Guidance Course – Titian Kasih

INSPIRASI PPIS conducts a marriage guidance course through its Titian Kasih (Bridge of Love) programme, to prepare young couples for marriage. The course aims to equip these young couples with skills and knowledge to build a strong and stable marriage.

hope-and-sinar-safar Sinar Safar – Intermediate Baking Course;@Bengkel A* (Skills Towards Advancing Resilience): Skills training workshops.

INSPIRASI PPIS is also a HOPE Mentoring agency for couples who are under the MSF HOPE Programme. We provide mentoring and support programmes for families who are on the scheme exclusively under our care. Our own HOPE support programme called Sinar Safar serves to support young families in their journey towards empowerment and resilience.