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Since its inception in 1952, PPIS or Singapore Muslim Women’s Association has been conducting various services, talks, activities, courses and programmes for Malay-Muslim women in their bid to empower them. In recognition of its work, PPIS was conferred as the Specialist in Working with Malay-Muslim Families in 2009 by the National Council of Social Services (NCSS).

As there was a growing demand for PPIS to share its experiences and best practices with other agencies, PPIS Training & Consultancy (T&C) was established in 2010 to professionally run a comprehensive range of training programmes & consultancy services from one-day introduction courses, to large scale learning and networking events for VWOs, Organisations as well as Corporations.

PPIS T&C offers a comprehensive training portfolio designed to help our clients improve communication, bridge and understand the Malay-Muslim worldview and practices. We combine our 62 years of on-the-ground experiences and best practices together with a professional training concept designed to raise professionalism, increase competencies and effectiveness in working with this niche community.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Socio Cultural – Working with Malay-Muslim Community
  • Early Childhood Education

Talks & Customized Trainings

  • Boleh Saya Bantu Anda? - Conversational Malay for Social Service Practitioners
  • Befrienders: Level 1 – Understanding Self and Others
  • Befrienders Refresher Workshop
  • Cross Cultural Competency in Social Work – Is it really necessary? A case of Working with Malay Clients
  • Cultural Specific Approaches in working with Malay Muslim Multiple Needs Families
  • Current Issues affecting Families & Children
  • Coffee Morning Talk Series :: Muslim Women’s Rights – Equity Vs Equality
  • Coffee Morning Talk Series :: Grief work for Muslims
  • Coffee Morning Talk Series :: Suicide Among Muslims: Effects and Implications on Survivors and Social Workers
  • Coffee Morning Talk Series :: Divorce in Islam: The Syariah’s Court Role
  • Developing the Code of Ethics
  • Improving Services through Programme Evaluation: The Outcome Management Way!
  • Love Language at the Workplace
  • Logic Model & Outcome Measurement for Programme Planners
  • The Malay Worker-Client Relationship : Understanding Change
  • The Malay Muslim Worker: Same Same but Different
  • Using Love Languages to Understand Marital Discord
  • Support Group for Malay Speaking Foster Parents
  • Working and Understanding the Malay Muslim Client Worldview
  • Working with Step Families: Perspectives and approaches for case managers
  • Working with Difficult Clients (For Early Childhood Practitioners)
  • Aku Tak Rela dianiayai! (Elderly Abuse)
  • Bukan Aku Tak Sayang - Kenali Bahasa Cinta Pasangan Anda
  • Cakap Pasal Seks: Tabu, Malu atau Tak Tahu?
  • Mengimbas Pengalaman Anda Sebagai Pendamping

Research & Community Programes

  • Remarriage in the Malay Community (2009)
  • Malay-Muslim Perspectives on Self-Reliance and Practice Implications (2010)
  • Development of Marriage Guidance Programme Curriculum (2013)

The PPIS Coffee Morning Conversation Series is back with more exciting topics uniquely related to the Malay Muslim Community, for social service professionals to explore!

As social service professionals, how does one initiate difficult conversations with client? What are your challenges in bringing forth such conversations?

As practitioners, connecting with clients from a different culture can be a daunting experience. Through your work, what are some ideas of the Malay Muslim community that have shaped your interaction with clients and how these ideas have been expanding or limiting your work with the families?

Join us at our next Coffee Morning Conversations this 20 November 2015, where our speaker Ms Fajariah Saban, Centre Manager of PPIS Family Service Centre East share useful information, demographics and unravel some of the stereotypes of the Malay Muslim Community.

Seat are limited. Register here.


  • Dover Community Centre
  • Education Services Union (ESU)
  • Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)
  • Masjid Darul Makmur
  • Madrasah Al Arabiah Al Islamiah
  • MediaCorp
  • Mendaki SENSE
  • Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
  • Ministry of Social and Family Development
  • National Council of Social Service (NCSS)
  • SEED Institute
  • Social Service Institute (SSI)
  • South East Mosque Cluster
  • Syariah Court
  • Yayasan Mendaki

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