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PPIS Vista Sakinah specializes in preparing and strengthening remarriages. We collaborate with couples and families to develop resilience and nurture tranquility within their stepfamily lives.

Our services cater to couples preparing for their journey of remarriage, to stepfamilies seeking enrichment for stepfamily living, as well as private consultations and trainings.


Thinking of remarrying? At PPIS Vista Sakinah, we will guide you through the foundational aspects of your remarriage. Join us for the Program Memupuk Kasih™ or Nurturing Love Programme™ to discover insights on establishing a stable stepfamily.


PPIS Vista Sakinah provides a comprehensive range of support programmes and workshops for those living in stepfamilies. Fitrah Enrichment offers stepfamilies various opportunities to learn knowledge and gain skills relevant to their lives in a stepfamily. It also provides a platform for family members to feel supported in the journey of establishing and sustaining a stepfamily.

Couples needing a private consultation to address their unique family concerns can also approach us for free consultations with our trained counsellors.


Bunayya™ programmes are designed to support children in their journey of living in stepfamilies. Our carefully crafted workshops hope to equip the children with skills that would assist them with adjustment and adaptation in stepfamily life.


Working Effectively with Stepfamilies

PPIS Vista Sakinah provides training and consultation on ways of working with stepfamilies for social workers, counselors, teachers and those in the helping professions.

Our professional services include:

  1. A 1 – day workshop on ‘Effective Intervention with Stepfamilies’
  2. Specialised In-house training for organizations
  3. Consultations for case management and counseling

If your organization is keen to learn about ways to effectively work with stepfamilies, give us a call at 68913090 or email vistasakinah@ppis.sg.