Aura Hawa


The Nation Builders of Singapore have always been associated with values such as Visionary, Resilience, and Sense of Social Responsibility (others before self). These values have been echoed in countless journals and books that celebrated their achievements and successes.

In commemorating fifty years of nation building, PPIS endeavours to impress these values upon future nation builders by sharing stories of women role models that would better engage the hearts and minds of our community.


These stories told through a video journal from interview sessions done with the various women, will not only highlight their achievements and contributions to society but also to share their beginnings, dreams, and struggles in the pursuit of their goals.


In Conversation Sessions conducted around Singapore will see the role models going down to the community to speak to them directly in order to inspire a sense of belonging to fellow Singaporeans, as they relate their life stories on building a community that we now share and care for. We will see how individually they have come together to also build upon our national identity & values, thus reinforcing the values of visionary and resilience, which was common amongst our forefathers and leaders.

The Process


The women featured were among those carefully evaluated and selected by a selection committee set up especially to assess each role model’s suitability. Malay/Muslim professionals made up the selection committee from various organizations including PPIS & MUIS Ex-Presidents, Journalists & other media professionals. The women were then selected based on their attributes and contributions to the community, their professional background and how they have displayed

  • Vision and purposefulness – impacting at National level
  • Resilience in the face of adversities and challenges
  • Commitment to community and social needs


Their narratives will include their personal life stories, memories of Singapore, perception and wish list as a Singaporean woman moving forward towards the future.

SG50 Aura Hawa Video Profiles

Som Said

Aziza Ali

Dr Rufaihah Abdul Jalil

Dee Dee Mahmood

Arfat Selvam

Saiyidah Aisyah

Anisa Hassan

AP Dr Hadijah Rahmat

Sukarti Asmoin

Dr Sharifah Mariam Aljunied

Mariah Mah

Aishah Samad

Dr Jackie Ying

Rahimah Rahim

Samsiah Suliman

Fatimah Azimullah

Maimoon Bakar

Habibah Haron

Nona Asiah

Khatijah Suratee

Habsah Senin

Toh Puan Noor Aishah

Saleemah Ismail

Halimah Yacob

Hajah Maimunah

Zuraidah Abdullah

SG50 Aura Hawa Profiles