Divorce / Single Parents


PPIS As-Salaam is a centre of specialisation, with more than 30 years of experience in working with Malay- Muslim single parent families.



In 2015, PPIS As-Salaam set another milestone by being appointed as a Divorce Support Specialist Agency (DSSA) by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). Through specialised trainings, the staff were further equipped with knowledge and skills in handling divorce issues, as part of their effort to strive in providing the support needed for divorcing/divorced families.

As a DSSA, we offer counselling and other programmes such as Parenting PACT and Children in Between (CiB) for parents and their young children to better understand the impact of divorce and be aware of available resources in the community. We also provide assistance in the form of support programmes like the MAWAR Support Programme for single mothers and SALAAM Support Programme for children between the ages of 10 to 17 years old.


At PPIS As-Salaam, we believe that life is a journey, full of tribulations. Yet each tribulation represents an opportunity and potential for families to grow from strength to strength. When families are able to overcome these life challenges, they move on positively and become stronger.


Our Services

Casework & Counselling

For families facing issues related to divorce, such as divorce decision-making, achieving positive co-parenting and issues related to single parenting.

Parenting Pact

A one-time consultation session at Syariah Court for parents who have just completed their divorce process, focusing on issues related to co-parenting and impact of divorce on children.

Children in Between

A skills-based programme for both parent and children, to improve co-parenting cooperation and improve child outcomes.


Support programme for divorced mothers with dependent children.


Support programme for children/adolescents who have experienced parental divorce or death.

Public Education

Talks or consultation sessions focusing on issues related to impact of divorce on children and co-parenting issues.


“Alhamdulillah. Programme ini membuka hati kita dan mengerti hati anak-anak kita. Insyaallah kita berusaha sebab anak adalah amanah Allah. Counsellor is competent and helpful. Good hospitality.”

Mr. H – Children in Between (Parent Session)

“Sangat berterima kasih kepada PPIS yang banyak kasi saya semangat, dan dorongan kepada saya untuk teruskan kehidupan saya di masa hadapan, dan saya amat berterima kasih yang sebesar-besarnya. Alhamdulillah bersyukur saya kepada PPIS.”

Mdm. N – M.A.W.A.R Support Programme for Mothers

“I learnt that life is a journey, there are obstacles. I have let out what I kept inside me about my family problems. I feel happy because I feel that I really understand what is happening (changes after divorce)” 

H, 15 years old – SALAAM Support Programme for Children and Adolescents

“The session brings awareness on the impact of divorce on children. Children are affected differently and might not show or share their feelings to parents.”

Mdm. NR – Parenting PACT @ Syariah Court

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