Family Therapy & Professional Support Services


Our vision is to be the leading family therapy, training and consultancy institute for families in Singapore.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide impactful training and consultancy work for professionals to develop cross-cultural competency in working with families, to be socially connected.


To promote a systemic environment that nurtures individuals, couples and families to be at peace with self and others through evidence-based practice.


To create platforms for members of the Muslim community to be aware and skilled in dealing with issues in relation to families.

Our Philosophy


At SYM Academy, every individual matters. The Person, The Professional & The System. Organised by systemic principles, the institute hopes to nurture individuals, couples, families and professionals in negotiating positions through bridging relationships and bettering interaction across an array of contexts through therapy, training and consultancy.


Nurturing as the keystone to every form of relationship, we value, acknowledge and appreciate process, content, context and the uniqueness of each and every circumstance. Each circumstance is different, we believe in making a different kind of difference through nurturing.

Our Rationale


We acknowledge that each relationship is unique and every relationship will go through the process of compromising and negotiating. Some are able and some may still struggle to reach a compromise. In any life transition, we tend to be influence by the circumstances that makes us forget that everyone in the family matter.


At SYM Academy, we offer the platform for individuals, couples and families opportunities to look at how their family is fitting with each other and each circumstance. We pay attention to how people are fitting with each other and their unique context.

Programmes & Courses


We work with families at different platforms and on different contexts. In our Outreach to Reach Out programme, we make connections with families as well as those who work with families. This is mainly because the idea of families is constantly changing and this includes the family construct and how families functions. Our outreach hopes to be able to:

  1. Create a platform to discuss about family construct and family function amongst different segments in the community.
  2. Increase awareness on the role of family therapy in strengthening families and making therapy as part of their journey in marriage and family life.
  3. Nurture a supportive platform for fellow professionals to work collaboratively through regular discussions.




The enrichment programme is aimed at complementing the therapeutic services provided at the Family Therapy Institute. We recognise that in our day to day interactions, we may get patterned into a particular way of interacting. These patterns may be deeply ingrained in us that we may no longer notice it. When we are not able to see patterns, we may also not be able to see its impact; be it positive or negative. The enrichment programme hopes to provide a platform for participants to be able to recognise, relook and renegotiate these patterns of interactions.


RE: Families is a programme catered for couples in their 5-10 years of marriage. It is a 2-day workshop-based programme. Prior to the workshop, couples can expect to go through a Marriage Check Up session and an evaluation with our Family Therapists.


FTI recognises that our community is well-aware of their rights and responsibilities within the family and within the marriage. We believe that the foundation of the family lies in the values and beliefs that holds the family together structurally. When a couple comes together in a marital union, they go through a process of finding a fit with each other’s values and beliefs. Negotiating through values, beliefs, rights and responsibilities, can be overwhelming for the family. Through this programme, we would like to invite couples to have conversations about differences and about sameness.


Participants can expect to be engaged in conversations surrounding:

  • Expectations
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Values and Beliefs
  • Boundaries within and around us


We hope that through this programme we are able to offer a platform for couples to bridge their experiences of family living by renegotiating and relooking at the conversations within self and with others.


E.R.P is a programme catered for professionals within the social service industry. At the same time we also recognise that this programme may also be useful for professionals working in any organisation. It is a 2-day workshop-based programme.


Professionals go through their work routine daily and are expected to hold themselves together whilst at work. They may also be expected to hold the clients that they are serving. FTI also recognises that in holding themselves and their clients, they are also needing to hold their families. These may pose a deep struggle for some professionals which may lead to Burn-Out and stress. Through this programme, we would like to invite these professionals to have conversations to connect with these struggles in achieving a connection with the self and others around them.

Participants can expect to be engaged in conversations surrounding:

  • Work balances or imbalances
  • Balancing Families
  • Caring for self


We hope that through this programme we are able to offer a safe platform for professional workers to recognise, develop and articulate congruent skills in promoting self-care.


What are the charges?


Our fees for the therapy session are as follows. Your concern needs to be addressed and you can approach any of our staff should you need further information and assistance with regards to fees.

Income Fees (before GST)
GST (7%) Total Fees Payable
Intake Session $18.69 $1.31 $20
< $1500 $20.56 $1.44 $22
$1500 < $3000 $51.40 $3.60 $55
$3001 < $5000 $84.11 $5.89 $90
> $5001 $126.17 $8.83 $135

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