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6th Annual Asian Academy of Family Therapy Conference 2019

6th Annual Asian Academy of Family Therapy Conference 2019

Monday, 8 Jul 2019
– Tuesday, 9 Jul 2019

9:00am – 6:00pm

Individuals and families relate and express spirituality to be an integral part of their lives and family living. For some, spirituality is what keeps them centered to their life’s purpose; for some, spirituality allows for connection with a higher power; in some families, spirituality organises their interaction and family structure; and for some others, spirituality is a different state of consciousness.

What is spirituality – is it religion, faith, a sense of connectedness or intimate knowing, music, or a unique experience? Is there a need for a singular definition for spirituality?

Is spirituality a conversation that needs to happen in families? In which spaces can conversations on spirituality take place? How can families learn to speak about spirituality and experience spirituality though their interactions with one another?

PPIS Family Therapy Institute is proud to organise the 6th Annual Asian Academy of Family Therapy Conference 2019, in collaboration with the Asian Academy of Family Therapy. This conference event looks to invite family practitioners to explore, deliberate and experience the use of spirituality differently in their work and interaction with families.

Come join PPIS FTI for this 2-day conference event. Visit the conference website for more information on this event!

Event Location

Travelodge Batam, Indonesia
Batam Island, Indonesia

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Registration per Couple
SGD 300.00