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Copy of Program Memupuk Kasih

Copy of Program Memupuk Kasih

Saturday, 12 Jan 2019

9:00am – 12:00am

Your journey begins with a personalized orientation session with a facilitator who will walk you and your partner through your individual marriage needs and goals.

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Seminar & Workshop
Following which, you will take part in a seminar and a workshop. Your take-aways from the seminar and workshop include:

  • Helping you gain insights into the dynamics of establishing a new family after the experience of loss from a divorce or death of a partner in a previous marriage.
  • Build your self confidence in embarking n a new journey of developing strong and healthy stepfamilies.
  • Understand what is needed in a remarriage and what it takes to set up a stepfamily.
  • Understand the needs and expectations of yourself, partner and your children.
  • Tips to strengthen the relationship between spouses and the relationship between parents, stepparent and children.

Other Information

  • A certificate of participation will only be given if you have an attendance of 100% for the seminar and workshop
  • You are encourage to register for the Program Memupuk Kasih at least 3 months before the date of your marriage


Workshop for local Singaporean couples 


12 January 2019 (Malay)
16 February 2019 (English)
16 March 2019 (Malay)
13 April 2019 (Malay)
29 June 2019 (Malay)
20 July 2019 (Malay)
17 August 2019 (English)
14 September 2019 (Malay)
12 October 2019 (English)
9 November 2019 (Malay)
7 December 2019 (Malay)

Workshop for international couples
(Singaporean marrying a foreigner/applying for LTVP)


23 January 2019 (English)
20 February 2019 (English)
20 March 2019 (English)
24 April 2019 (English)
12 June 2019 (English)
17 July 2019 (English)
21 August 2019 (English)
25 September 2019 (English)
23 October 2019 (English)
20 November 2019 (English)
18 December 2019 (English)

*Please note that slots are based on availability and dates are subject to change without prior notice. Kindly call us at 68913090 to check on the course availability and suitability before proceeding to make payment. Thank you.


“I found it very helpful and I have gained knowledge from this course. A lot of what is discussed can be used for the good of the marriage that I am about to enter”
– Ms B, 40, Patient Service Assistant

“Very relevant and practical. Touches the mind and soul”
– Mr A, 46, Warrant Officer

“A very good programme! An eye-opener. I am able to understand with more depth about the new journey in life that I am entering”
– Ms N, 26, Sales Consultant

“Build a good family and not to repeat past mistakes”
– Mr M, 35, Enforcement Officer

Event Location

Blk 549 Woodlands Dr 44, #01-86,
Singapore, Singapore, 730549

Event Fees

Registration per Couple
SGD 300.00