PPIS Newsletter March ’21

Happiest International Women’s Day!

Thank you for doing all that you do, all the hats that you wear, all the trails you’ve been blazing, all the glass ceilings you’ve been smashing, all the care you’ve been giving, all the families you’ve been raising, and all the women you’ve been inspiring. 


I am glad that more and more people are celebrating women, and that celebrations are carrying on beyond March 8. I am also looking forward to the opportunities that will arise in 2021 – the year of Celebrating SG Women.


PPIS recently teamed up with Young Women in Leadership Dialogue (YWILD) and MENDAKI Club (MClub) to celebrate young women by chronicling an anthology of unprecedented stories which will certainly inspire more young women to move to the beat of her own drum.


On the very same day, we celebrated one of our founding members, Mummy Khatijun Nissa whose trailblazing ways inspired the very characters in the book.


We will also be commemorating IWD 2021 by engaging ceiling smashers of today to envision the women of tomorrow  when PPIS turns 100 in 2052. Isn’t that exciting? Please join us on Saturday, March 27th at 10.30am. Sign up now! Be a part of the future.


In my Malay commentary published by Berita Mediacorp on International Women’s Day itself, I highlighted that there are many ways to celebrate women – one way is to #ChooseToChallenge.


thank the male allies who #ChooseToChallenge unconscious gender biases and continue to play an active role to uplift women. I call for more males to join the enlightened.


Another piece of good news came our way on March 22, and we applaud the likely review on nurses wearing tudung.  Creating an equitable society for women is an ongoing process in Singapore – one that requires the support of everyone. We understand these things take time and there’s a lot to consider. PPIS appreciates the ongoing discussions and engagements and we stand ready to be of service. 


There’s a lot to be grateful for and there’s a lot to be hopeful for. In this year of celebrating SG women, we remain faithful in upholding our mission of inspiring women and strengthening families.


From the #OnePPIS family, here’s wishing you a Happy International Women’s Day once more and may all the empowered women, empower other women!


It has been a year since work takes a new meaning and norm. I remember last year, when Phase 1 Circuit Breaker was announced on 7 April, we were operationally ready to work from home.


Today, we embraced the new norms – mask, one-metre apart, hand sanitisers, temperature taking and contact tracing. And yes, we learned to make ‘hybrid’ a happening word – no longer confined to cars, plants or animals.


PPIS kickstarted the year by celebrating PPIS Vista Sakinah’s 10th-year anniversary in January and a webinar by PPIS As-Salaam Family Support Centre on hybrid modeHeld at a studio, the two events were well attended by clients. The annual Marriage Conference held virtually for the first time, saw some 50 participants sharing on how religion plays an important part in their marriage.   


Strengthening marriage and families is the core what we do in PPIS. In February, we launched our #SatuHatiSatuFamili (#OneHeartOneFamily) integrated marketing campaign which platformed our six social services via print and social media. The weekly FB live received good tractions and viewership.


For us at PPIS – Impossible is just an opinion – and we will strive onwards.  

This month, PPIS welcomes the celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) as we feature the women (and men!) that make PPIS what it is today – a leading Muslim women’s organisation that inspires women and strengthens families. We asked our all-female Board of Directors what IWD means to them and how they overcame challenges to get to where they are today. Read more as they share their pearls of wisdom!

At PPIS, we believe that men have the opportunity to be strong allies for women. Male allies play a vital role in creating and developing a truly inclusive workplace and society. We spoke to our very own staff from Senior Management and PPIS Family Service Centres to hear their thoughts on what being an ally to women means to them!


With years of experience, PPIS’ Senior Management plays a crucial role in managing the organisation and ensuring that it functions smoothly. Our Senior Management consists of capable leaders who are experts in their own respective areas. Wasked them what International Women’s Day means to them. 

Deputy Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development (HROD), Mr Nasaruddin Shafawisaid, “I like that PPIS stands for empowering woman. I subscribe to that idea totally. Personally, it’s great to see my daughters grow or develop with aspirations and confidence. My fatherly advice is for them tenrich those around them. I think women, in general, are especially blessed with that ability to enrich.


Happy International Women’s Day to all daughters!” 

General Manager of 7oaks, Mr Bakar Alsagoff, who has been at PPIS for close to five years, shared a quote about women that deeply moved him. He said, Having spent most of my adult working life working with women, I know this for a fact … there’s no one “same” woman and each is special in their own right. So, when I came across this quote, it really tugged on my heartstrings


“She is a mother who keeps her family’s needs before hers. She is a daughter who deeply cares for her parents. She is a wife who acts like the air beneath her partner’s wings. She is an employee who is trying her hardest to prove her worth at her workplace. She is a friend who manages her social life and loves to host. She is an expert at multitasking and on her way to redeem her position in the society – a position that is not refrained within the walls of her home but one that wants to conquer the world!”


For all the times that I can recall, I admire the energy, determination (and persistence) that seems to be part of a women’s DNA, and damn (pardon my French), that’s a good thing!


So, for this IWD, just 3 words: You go, girl!”   

At PPIS, our Social Services centres lie at the heart of our organisation. In light of Social Work Day on Tuesday (16 Mar), our Principal Social Workers organised a special virtual celebration for all our social service practitioners! As front liners, our social services staff play a crucial role in giving care and supporting people who need it most. On top of that, our centres go the extra mile in enhancing their services to better serve the community.


This year’s celebration was made more special by the appearance of PPIS President, Mdm Hazlina Abdul Halim who gave a heartwarming address to the social workers. Chair of Social Service Advisory Committee (SSAC), Mdm Salina Samion together with Co-Chair of SSAC, Dr Razwana Begum expressed words of encouragement to the social workers. 


The past year has been a challenging one. It is not an easy task to support clients, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. But, in line with the celebration’s theme of “Together as One”, OnePPIS swiftly pivoted and embraced technology to ride out the new norm. 


In appreciation of the tireless efforts of our staff, CEO of PPIS, Mdm Tuminah Sapawi, had individually framed cards for all staff from PPIS’ Social Services centres. On top of that, they also received another pleasant surprise – a headphone with an in-built microphone! The PPIS logo printed on these headphones was specially designed by Social Work Associate from PPIS Family Service Centre (West), Muhammad Farhan! 


PPIS would like to wish all our social services staff a Happy Social Work Day! Thank you for your commitment and dedication in caring for those in need! 

A short stint at a childcare centre was what made Mdm Suhaida Sayuti realise her love for children. Back then, she worked part-time after her ‘O’ Levels as a teacher’s assistant. Even though she discovered that she had a knack for taking care of young children, she dabbled in various lines of work first, such as sales and administrative mattersbefore eventually making a career switch to Early Childhood Education (ECE) after taking up a government scheme under the ECE sector. 


She has been a childcare teacher at PPIS Child Development Centre (Bukit Batok) for nine years and finds joy in every day that she gets to spend time with her students. She shared that children are actually incredibly intuitive – knowing when to joke around and when to be serious. While she enjoys their lighthearted sense of humour, she said that the best part of being a teacher is when students truly get to know their teachers. For example, she shared, “When you are upset, the children can sometimes ask, ‘Are you sad?’ and hug you.” It is through these little actions that children display how mature they can be. 


Aside from being a childcare teacher, Mdm Suhaida is also a loving single mother to her two daughters, both of whom she has not seen since March 2020 as they are currently living in Malaysia. She communicates with them often but admitted that it is difficult not being able to meet them for so long. She has gone through many ups and downs with her daughters, sharing that one of them has had her major school examination postponed to this year even though she was supposed to sit for it last year.


Mdm Suhaida then shared, “As a teacher, I am educating children in my line of work every day. But I feel that my children are always left behind. Women often have to juggle work and family life simultaneously and it is not easy. Outside of our working hours of 9 to 5, we also have other responsibilities.


Nonetheless, she maintains that, in both her job and her personal life, patience is indeed a virtue and passion is what keeps her going. 


In the spirit of International Women’s Day, Mdm Suhaida also shared, “I #ChooseToChallenge myself to be calm, to be brave and to be strong for my family so that I can be a good role model to them.”


Celebrating SG Women

PPIS is heartened by the announcement made by Minister for Social and Family Development (MSF), Mr Masagos Zulkifli, on dedicating 2021 as the “Year of Celebrating SG Women”. PPIS issued a statement in response to this announcement, which you can read on Berita Harian and BERITA MediaCorp. 


Salute to SG Women

PPIS President, Mdm Hazlina Abdul Halim, was featured in The Straits Times in the final instalment of its three-part salute to SG women. She shared her vision for women in Singapore and the importance of diversity and inclusion in workplaces. 


Female Pioneers

PPIS was mentioned in this article which featured Mrs Khatijun Nissa Siraj, 95, who rallied a team of 21 Muslim women who went on to set up the Young Women’s Muslim Association (now known as PPIS) in 1952. 


International Women’s Day Commentary

PPIS President, Mdm Hazlina Abdul Halim penned a thought-provoking commentary in celebration of International Women’s Day on BERITA MediaCorp! She discussed the challenges that women face in this day and age and ways to support the continued progress of women. Read about it here! 


PPIS Oasis

PPIS Oasis is working with Pergas and the asatizah community to promote fostering in the Malay-Muslim community. Read about it on BERITA MediaCorp here! 


PPIS Early Childhood Education 

Every fortnight, our staff from PPIS Early Childhood Education pen op-eds on child development. Read these op-eds from Senior Principal, Ms Aslizawati Aman, Principal, Mdm Noor Aidah Mohamed Noordin, and Principal, Mdm Noor Jamariah Roopin on Berita Harian!