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PPIS As-Salaam has garnered more than 20 years of experience specializing in working with Malay/Muslim single parent families. In 2015, PPIS As-Salaam is honoured to have been been officially appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) as a Divorce Support Specialist Agency.

Our Philosophy and Mission
At PPIS As-Salaam, we believe that life is a journey, full of tribulations. Yet each tribulation represents an opportunity and potential for families to grow from strength to strength. When families are able to overcome these life challenges, they move on positively and become stronger. As such, PPIS As-Salaam has crafted programmes and services that aspire to provide the much needed support for divorcing and single parent families to move on and cope with the challenges to rebuild their family life and attain "salaam" or peace in their life.

Casework & Counselling - For families facing issues related to or arising from death or divorce, such as divorce decision-making, achieving positive co-parenting and issues related to single parenting.

Parenting Pact- a one-time consultation session at Syariah Court for parents who have just completed their divorce process, focusing on issues related to co-parenting and impact of divorce on children.

Children in Between - a skills-based programme for both parent and children, to improve co-parenting cooperation and improve child outcomes.

SALAAM - Support programme for children/adolescents who have experienced parental divorce or death.

MAWAR - Support programme for divorced/widowed mothers with dependent children.

Maintenance Intervention @ Family Justice Court – a programme that provides information for parties involved in maintenance conflicts.

Public Education - Talks or consultation sessions focusing on issues related to impact of divorce on children and co-parenting issues.

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