What Stepfamilies Can Do To Prepare For A Remarriage

November 11, 2022

What Stepfamilies Can Do To Prepare For A Remarriage

Why Couples Should Consider Attending A Remarriage Preparation Programme

While remarriage and caring for stepfamilies can be a more complex relationship-building experience as compared to first marriages, the pursuit of rediscovering love and embarking on the voyage of life with a spouse is a right for every individual. 


However, as with any marriage, there will surely be challenges to overcome together. Couples planning for remarriages will require the right tools to navigate through this next phase of life and prepare to face reality head-on.  


It is essential to consider that both married couples and their stepfamilies will need to adjust to one another and nurture harmonious, tranquil, and stable relationships together. PPIS Vista Sakinah’s Remarriage Preparation Programme aims to offer couples the support they need, guiding you and your loved ones through the foundational aspects of this new and meaningful journey. 


What is a Remarriage Preparation Programme?


A Remarriage Preparation Programme provides couples with a safe space to explore and discover each other’s uniqueness while understanding the depths of this new chapter of remarriage life together. This programme is designed for couples to discover the secrets of a stable and healthy marriage. They will also learn the best practices to keep their responsibilities in check and forge new relationships with the members of their stepfamily.  


Why should you attend a Remarriage Preparation Programme?


Why should you attend a remarriage preparation programme stepfamilies

While it is not compulsory to attend a Remarriage Preparation Programme prior to your union, it is worth the time and effort to ensure the relationship lasts a lifetime. It is inevitable that doubts, worries, and concerns may arise through the remarriage process. Thus, having access to a supportive platform and the right knowledge will prepare you and your partner to rise above these challenges and establish a new family again.


At PPIS Vista Sakinah, our counsellors recognise and understand how important communication is in a marriage. Hence, couples will be guided through their individual remarriage needs and goals. This discussion helps address any potential elephants in the room that either one or both parties may have avoided. 


Furthermore, our counsellors will guide you and your partner through your remarriage journey, tapping on their past experiences with guiding multiple couples through this process. Our counsellors are also trained to help you navigate stepfamily-related issues such as living arrangements for the children, adapting to new stepfamily dynamics and lifestyle, involvement and visitation of the children’s lawful parent, and more. Rest assured that they will be present throughout the session to guide you through the communication and learning process of being a stepparent.


What can you expect from our Remarriage Preparation Programme?


Specially crafted by PPIS Vista Sakinah, the Remarriage Preparation Programme, known as Program Memupuk Kasih (PMK) or Nurturing Love Programme consists of two components. 


The first component will be a personalised Orientation Session. The programme begins with a personalised couple consultation session where an experienced facilitator will walk you through your individual and couple strengths for marriage, as well as your marriage needs and goals. 


The second component is a one-day workshop. Catering to remarrying couples, the workshop will provide direction for those hoping to build a resilient stepfamily that will last a lifetime. Some of the important topics that will be covered include: 


  • Dynamics of building a new stepfamily 
  • Rights and obligations of stepparents 
  • Approach to stepparenting 
  • Needs and expectations in a stepfamily 
  • Tips to strengthen the relationship between spouses, stepparents, and stepchildren 


Our Success Story 


A case study of our successes stepfamilies

Source: https://static1.straitstimes.com.sg/s3fs-public/styles/large30x20/public/articles/2022/02/25/md_family3_25022022.jpg?VersionId=MvwJbGZmGPq7Bx8STw_L6rYjtko9zXXZ&itok=YXISx0fD


PPIS Vista Sakinah is committed to helping couples address their concerns about remarriage and care for their stepfamilies. Through the years, we are always delighted to witness how our efforts have transformed the lives of the couples we worked with. In a February 2022 interview with The Straits Times, Mr Alfian Afandi and Ms Jafmai Idayuwati Jaffar, attendees of our Remarriage Preparation Programme at PPIS Vista Sakinah, spoke about their challenges during the early stages of their remarriage and how the programme has helped them. 


Some of the challenges include the transition of their stepchildren, Ilham and Umi, into the new family dynamics, adapting to a different lifestyle within the household, navigating the rights and obligations of stepparents and stepchildren, and understanding the depths of stepparenting and its perimeters. From the interview, it is evident that our programme was the helping hand they needed. 


“One thing I learnt from the sessions we attended at Vista Sakinah is that my role here as a stepfather is not to replace their father. It’s to complement or undertake responsibility as a father whenever they are here,” highlighted Mr Afandi. 


Through their shared family sessions, Mr Alfandi and his stepfamily have learned that it is essential to have an open mind and be honest with each other. “If I’m not happy with my stepdad, I have to tell him, and he has to be open to my feedback, what is it that I dislike and what is it that I like. That’s how we learn to improve our relationship”, added Ilham


“We are very open with each other,” says Umi. 


“We went through a hard time. So I’m happy for my family,” expressed Ms Jafmai. 


The experience of Mr Alfandi and Ms Jafmai illustrates the importance of communication in maintaining a stable and healthy relationship and building a strong stepfamily. Take the first step to build a resilient stepfamily dynamic, foster a sense of peace and tranquillity in your remarriage life, and nurture a healthy relationship with your stepfamily by signing up for the various courses and programmes at PPIS Vista Sakinah. Do not hesitate to contact us today or visit us at www.ppis.sg/vistasakinah to learn more about our services.