PPIS conducts fundraising activities to support and sustain our programmes and services. With your support, we aim to raise $1.21 million in 2021 for our beneficiaries.

PPIS Fundraising Activities

Project Ihsan Ramadan 2021

During the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, PPIS conducts its annual Projek Ihsan Ramadan campaign. The campaign aims to encourage giving during the blessed month with donations going towards supporting women and their families.

Select PPIS as your charity of choice and raise funds to light lives! Following are some activities done by our partners


Held in October, RecovHer was first conceptualised in 2020 to raise awareness on women’s mental health. With the added challenges that Covid-19 brought to our lives, the campaign hopes to shine a light on the current situation.

RecovHer 2021 aims to continue raising awareness on women’s mental health. You can help us raise $60,000 for RecovHer 2021!

Fundraising by Organisers

By Mr Mohamad Kamal Bin Abdullah

Anyone can be a Fundraiser!


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