Family Services


PPIS provides casework & counselling services for clients who face marital issues, family violence, child management, parenting concerns and other general concerns.

Counseling for family members

Casework & Counselling

PPIS Family Service Centre (FSC) East and West were set up to promote, develop and maintain the well-being of family units to contribute to the progress of the nation.

Divorce / Single parents

PPIS As-Salaam has garnered more than 20 years of experience specializing in working with Malay/Muslim single parent families. Development (MSF) as a Divorce Support Specialist Agency.

Remarriages & Step Families

PPIS Vista Sakinah specializes in preparing and strengthening remarriages. We collaborate with couples and families.

Young Marriages

INSPIRASI PPIS is a hub that serves as one-stop centre to centralise the coordination and provision of the various programmes and services for minor couples who plan or eventually choose to marry.

Family Therapy &
Professional Services

SYM Academy is a practice academy specialising in therapeutic family-related work for individuals and couples, as well as training programmes for professionals working with families.

Fostering Services

PPIS Oasis – Centre for Fostering, is the third national fostering agency established in 2017, promoting family-based care of foster children in need.