Family Services


PPIS provides casework & counselling services for clients who face marital issues, family violence, child management, parenting concerns and other general concerns.

Casework & Counselling

PPIS Family Service Centre (FSC) East and West were set up to promote, develop and maintain the well-being of family units to contribute to the progress of the nation.

Divorce / Single parents

PPIS As-Salaam has garnered more than 20 years of experience specializing in working with Malay/Muslim single parent families. Development (MSF) as a Divorce Support Specialist Agency.

Remarriages & Step Families

PPIS Vista Sakinah specializes in preparing and strengthening remarriages. We collaborate with couples and families.

Marriage Preparation and Enrichment Programmes for Young Couples
(below 25 years)

INSPIRASI PPIS is a hub that serves as one-stop centre to centralise the coordination and provision of the various programmes and services for minor couples who plan or eventually choose to marry.

Family Therapy &
Professional Services

Our mission is to provide impactful training and consultancy work for professionals to develop cross-cultural competency in working with families, to be socially connected.

Fostering Services

PPIS Oasis – Centre for Fostering, is the third national fostering agency established in 2017, promoting family-based care of foster children in need.