Student Care

Student Care Centres

PPIS Student Care provides before and after school care services for school going children (7-14 years) who have no alternative childcare arrangements at home.

Our Student Care Centres that focus on Nurturing Empowered Children, serve as a second home where parents can go to work with a peace of mind, knowing their child is in a safe, caring and loving environment. Our Student Care Centres are where moral values, life skills & social skills are instilled and where healthy friendship, co-operation and teamwork are built.


Our Student Care Centres provide a platform for children under our care to be creative as well as a place for them to encounter new experiences and adventure while not neglecting their schoolwork. We provide a spectrum of learning activities that offer each child a wide variety of fulfilling adventures.

After-school Care Programme

Fun With Cooking

Cooking is a great way to teach the children important life skills which includes in creating a simple meal for themselves when their parents are not at home during weekends. Children will learn to measure and mix, pour and decorate.

School Camp

Our school holiday camps introduce children to fun experiential learning and developing problem solving skills.

Educational Trip

Educational trip is to provide children with experiences outside their everyday activities. Follow-up activities and reflections are generally discussed once we are back from the educational trip.


Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor education helps to instill the basic elements of teamwork as children often need to work together and rely on others. Children may able to stretch from their comfort zone and challenge themselves physically which in turn can lead to challenging oneself mentally.

Enrichment Workshop

Speakers and trainers are invited to SCC to conduct enrichment workshops for the children. Workshops like sports clinics, study skills, PSLE preparation and social skills are greatly benefitted by the children.


Balanced & Healthy Meals

Our certified cook ensures that our children eat balanced and healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and tea at SCC.


Daily Supervision & Coaching of Schoolwork

Our dedicated staffs provide coaching of daily schoolwork for the children and ensure completion of it. Uncompleted schoolwork will be informed to the parents when they arrived to fetch them home.


Storybook-based Curriculum

Children are introduced with a new storybook monthly. Through the book’s hidden moral valued messages, various related activities such as KidsRead and Stageshow are conducted.


Art & Craft

Children are engaged with fun crafts to develop their creativeness and fine motor skills. Art & Crafts are not only based on the story-book curriculum, it is also done for events like Mothers’ Day, Hari Raya and National Day.


Project Work

Project work is usually done as a group toteamwork skills in the children. A leader is assigned to allocate duties to the members of the group in order to complete the project work together as one.


Fees & Subsidies

Fees: $294.25 a month (inclusive of GST)


Parents with a household income of less than $4,000 are eligible to receive Student Care Financial Assistance (SCFA). The amount of subsidies range from between $29 to $285 per child.

Contact Information

PPIS Student Care Centre (Bedok)

Blk 136 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-1425,
Singapore 470136
Tel: (65) 6741 4065
Fax: (65) 6741 2942

PPIS Student Care Centre (Jurong)

Blk 520 Jurong West Street 52 #01-195,
Singapore 640520
Tel: (65) 6561 9013
Fax: (65) 6560 5852

Operational Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7.00 am – 7.00 pm
Closed on Saturday & Sunday


PPIS SCC is closed on Sundays, public holidays and SCC’s gazetted holidays.

We carry out public registration in October each year. We also carry out registration during the academic year provided there are available vacancies.

Registration of Interest

Enrolment for 2020 is still open. Register now!


You may register your interest for our Student Care service by completing the form below. Our Student Care team will get back to you shortly. Alternatively, you may also contact our Student Care centre of your preference directly to follow up on your registration if you do not hear from the centre within 1 week.