PPIS Psycho-Social Resilience Framework

PPIS Psycho-Social Resilience Framework

At PPIS, our programmes and services are aligned towards our key organisational goals of building resilient and forward-looking families.


In times of difficulty, such as the current COVID-19, we understand that the needs of the individuals, families and community may change and for some, become more challenging. But such difficulties and challenges are opportunities for the individuals, families and community to build their resilience and emerge stronger.


In recent weeks with the implementation of Circuit Breaker, we have seen more individuals and families who are affected in areas of their physical, social and emotional needs. This is especially so for families with cases of family violence. Such restriction can place some members in danger when they have to be confined under one roof and in some instances a small space to be shared.


As part of PPIS support towards the efforts of SGTeguhBersatu, our team of principal social workers together with our principal therapist have conceptualised a psycho-social resilience framework which is focused on the fact that effective Individual, Family & Community Resilience lies in the efforts to create mutual learning that can promote interconnectedness and interdependency in a given situation.

The 3 Cs


Coherence (Sakinah)


Connection (Mawaddah)


Cohesion (Rahmah)


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