Rise Above Halfway House

In Collaboration with Singapore Prisons Service

Rise Above hopes to inspire every woman selected to the halfway house programme to overcome their past challenges and draw strength from their struggles to be more confident and resilient.


Rise Above Halfway House was founded in 2021. It is the first secular halfway house for women offenders undergoing community rehabilitation programmes, and is the second all- women residential halfway house in Singapore. It is structured with a range of programmes and interventions to provide a safe and holistic therapeutic space for women residents to rebuild their lives as well as reconnect with family and community.


A safe, structured, and holistic space for women residents to rebuild their lives and reconnect with family and community.


Equip residents to be confident and resilient individuals.

Core Values


Respect & Responsibility


Independence & Integrity


Sincerity & Stewardship


Empowerment & Excellence

Our Programmes, Initiatives & Services

Halfway House Service Model-related Programmes

  • Groupwork on self & coping skills
  • Case management to support employment & accommodation
  • Individual counselling

Reflection Circles (Therapeutic Interventions)

  • Journaling of learning, personal growth & resilience
  • Family counselling sessions

Skills & Independent Living

  • Cooking, Baking, Sewing
  • Routine duties: Kitchen, Laundry & Area Cleaning

Recreation (Prosocial Activities)

  • Fitness workouts, games, walks, art & craft,
    field trips, community gardening

Family Bonding

  • Hosting family visits & family outings

Psycho-educational Talks

  • Ranging from Women’s Wellness, Financial Literacy, Parenting, Personal Grooming, Family Planning, Relationship Support

Community Engagement

  • Opportunities for volunteering and engaging in community service projects

Mediation & Spirituality

  • Classes & Workshops (relevant to their faith groups)

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Media Release

Media Release

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Rise Above Halfway House
Tel: 6206 7440
Email: rahwh@ppis.sg