The Kaleidoscope of Kinship

An Intimate Look at Singapore’s Diversified Family Make-ups

As a social service organisation established in 1952, PPIS has spent decades working with women of all ages in carrying out their multiple roles in society. With 10 centres islandwide, their focus in supporting women and their families with holistic assistance and quality services aligns with RICE Media’s commitment to fostering understanding, empathy, and inclusivity.

Over the last couple of months, RICE worked together with aspiring content creators to craft compelling stories about local individuals with intimate experiences in family structures that defy convention. 


Eight creatives answered the call to volunteer as content creators—they teamed up with PPIS social workers to produce both editorial and video content, promoting a deeper understanding of the diverse family dynamics that contribute to Singapore’s social fabric.


Through multiple workshops and consultation sessions, these budding content creators learned from RICE Media’s team how to tell meaningful human interest stories that also emphasise the important services PPIS has to offer for women and families.


In the mosaic of their stories, the pearls of wisdom gained are unveiled in the revelation that family is a canvas onto which a multiplicity of strokes may be cast.


The narrative of what makes a family is inextricably intertwined with the symphony of the Singapore spirit—a song that defies conventions, embracing the spectrum of human experience in all its complexity and grace.

Borrowed, Not Birthed:

The Foster Parents Fostering Hope for Children in Need


A PPIS Oasis Editorial by Sri Nur Aliffah (Senior Executive Officer) & Siti Nur’aini (Volunteer)

Mdm Lydia and Mr Noorirwan, and Mdm Erica and Mr Raihan are part of a small but essential community of foster parents who take in children placed in foster care. But what sets them apart from other foster parents is the fact that they care for these children despite having no children of their own…Read more

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Burnt-Out Parents:

Should We Be Concerned?


A PPIS Family Service Centre (West) Video by Muhd Farhan Abd Rahman (Senior Social Work Associate) & Louisa Gavriella Ho (Volunteer)

Parenting is akin to a never-ending job. Mothers do get burnout too. If you know someone who may need support, please visit the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) FSC locator to locate the FSC nearest to their residence. 


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Hope and Heartbreak:

The Weight of Psychological Baggage in Stepfamilies


A PPIS Vista Sakinah Editorial by Siti Aminah Amin (Social Worker) & Thahira Yusuf (Volunteer)

Can stepfamilies with its own set of dynamics and challenges thrive as any other type of families? In 2021, 19.5 per cent of marriages in Singapore comprised remarriages for one or both partners. Within the Muslim community, 39.5 per cent of marriages are remarriages…Read more

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The Masculine Urge To Reject Help


A PPIS Family Service Centre (East) Editorial by Nur Afrina Atiqah (Social Work Associate) & Jiayao Pan (Volunteer)

Self-reliance and independence have always been key traits of masculinity. In the Regency era (circa 1714-1837), the ownership of property was referred to as “manly independence”. Unfortunately, such archaic ideas are still perpetuated in modern society…Read more

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Even in Happy Households, Couples Cheat. But Why?


A Sym Academy Editorial by Mohamad Raihan Lakariah (Assistant Senior Social Worker)

Most cheating spouses might justify infidelity with rationalisations like feeling unfulfilled in their marriage, seeking emotional or physical needs that they perceive as unmet, or believing that the affair won’t negatively impact their primary relationship. Adultery remains among the top reasons behind divorces, along with communication breakdown, financial issues and spousal violence…Read more

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Experiencing your Parent’s Divorce as a Child


A PPIS As-Salaam Family Support Centre Video by Muhammad Faiz Zulkiffley (Social Worker) & Nuryn Adryana (Volunteer)

“I’m just fearful that I will be stuck in that cycle of divorce as well.” Divorce leaves a lasting impact on children. The trauma, lack of support, and fear of continuing a cycle of divorce in their own marriage are just a few long-lasting effects children of divorce face. How do they cope?


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The Boy Who Would Be King:

Aasif and All His Friends



A PPIS 7oaks Student Care Editorial by Siti Wahida Yunos (Programme Executive, SCCB)

Aasif first joined PPIS 7oaks Student Care in 2018 at the age of 7. Small in stature and quiet in nature back then, much has changed over the years. Today, he plays big brother to other children at the centre—a leadership role he has confidently taken on since actively participating in the holistic programmes the centre provides…Read more

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Would you marry at 18?


An INSPIRASI PPIS Video by Zainurwarna Mohamed Zainuri (Social Worker) & Humaira Ali (Volunteer)

Today, Singaporeans are marrying later and dispelling the olden practice of marrying as young as 18. But if a young person today wants to get married early, how does one prepare for the impending responsibilities? Do young people know what it takes to be in a marriage?


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