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Ms Lisa (not her real name) was determined to change her ways for her children. Her incarceration for drug-related offences impacted her young family tremendously. This Ramadan, they look forward to finally being able to break their fast together after being separated last year.
“Recovery is an ongoing process but we as a family can do this together. The only hope I have now is to not lose her again. Her absence has left a big impact on me and my children.”
– Mr Hazri (not his real name), Husband

Ms Lisa (not her real name), PPIS Rise Above Halfway House Beneficiary

(Mother of four school-going children)

Ms Siti Fadillah and her family, PPIS FSC East Beneficiary
Ms Siti Fadillah, has been a client with PPIS Family Service Centre (East) since October 2020 for financial and caregiving support. She is the main caregiver to her 3 children, one of whom is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.
“Our mother has always been selfless and caring for us as a family. We hope for her to continue being healthy and able to spend time together as a family this Ramadan. “
Ms Siti Fadillah’s children
Ms Zurina was referred to PPIS Oasis for the Kinship Carer Service. She has been caring for 2 children of her distant relative. PPIS Oasis has been supporting her with caregiving role and financial responsibilities.
She loves the children as how she would her own. I hope she continues being the pillar of strength to the family and celebrate Ramadan and Hari Raya joyously.”
– Ms Zubaidah, Eldest Sister

Ms Zurina, PPIS Oasis Kinship Carer

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