Fostering in Singapore


PPIS Oasis was established in 2017 and is the third Fostering Agency appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). 


Fostering in Singapore can open the doors of equal opportunity for foster children. With the guidance and compassion given by their foster parents, these children will be able to grow in a safe and healthy environment. Fostering a child will also provide the support for the children to focus on achieving their dreams.PPIS offers fostering programmes in our child care centres islandwide. Through casework management, therapeutic and support services, the centre hopes to facilitate the fostering journey of both foster child and parents, as well as to reach out to more aspiring foster parents through recruitment efforts.

Our Fostering Services


Fostering is a journey for the foster children and parents. This means that fostering a child does not stop in signing the contract and fending for him/her right after. A foster parent must be able to provide the child’s physical, emotional and psychological needs all while adjusting to his/her new role. We help foster parents through the following services:

Casework and Counselling

  • Provision of case management and counselling to foster children and parents, thereby promoting placement sustainability and stability 


  • Trauma Informed Practice – Usage of trauma informed principles by trained social workers to help foster children deal with their emotions and help foster parents understand foster children’s behaviors better 

Foster Parents' Network and Support Services


Platform for foster parents to network and share experiences with other foster parents facilitated by social work professionals.

Foster Children’s Workshops and Support Sessions


Platform for foster children to share their experiences with other foster children and also for professionals to impart skills to help them cope/ manage their emotions.

Be a Foster Parent


  • Fostering is a temporary care arrangement for children and young persons who need a safe, secure and loving home environment. These vulnerable children are fostered due to some of these reasons – abandonment, neglect and abused.


  • As foster parents, you will:
    1. Provide a safe, stable and loving home to your foster child
    2. Provide positive experiences of living in a family e.g. Partaking in family activities, festivals, outings, helping with school work, meal times and other activities of daily living
    3. Help the foster child reunite with their natural family- this will be facilitated by professionals
    4. Work with professionals in matters related to your foster child


  • To be a foster parent, you have to meet the following criteria:
    1. 25 years and above
    2. At least Secondary School education
    3. Minimum household income of $2,000 or $700 per capita
    4. Has window grilles
    5. Has experience caring for children


  • As foster parents, you will be getting: 
    • Monthly allowance for child’s expenses 
    • Childcare subsidies 
    • Childcare leave (subject to employer’s approval) 
    • 24-hour telephone support by professional 
    • Social Worker to offer therapeutic counselling and case management support 

Islam and Fostering Webinar 2020


This Webinar was held on 18 July 2020 and featured speakers from PERGAS and Office of the Mufti. This webinar comprised of participants who were foster parents, interested applicants and other industry professionals. This webinar was well-received as it touched on fostering and what Islam says about fostering.


Do check out snippets of the webinar via our Youtube channel.

Volunteer Management (Be a Volunteer)


  • Be a volunteer with us at PPIS Oasis! You can meet foster children and provide support in many different ways.


  • To be a volunteer, you have to meet the following criteria:
    1. 18 years and above (21 years and above for transport minders)
    2. Enjoys interacting with children


  • There are many different volunteering opportunities available:
    1. Befriending
      • To serve as a role model and a friend to foster children who require social and emotional support
    2. Tutoring/Reading
      • Provide tutoring services to foster children who needs help with their studies (English, Math, Science, Mother Tongue)
      • Provide reading services to young children to improve their literacy skills
    3. Events
      • Help in events such as foster family day and foster children’s outings
      • Various roles available including child-minding, ushering, logistics etc
    4. Volunteer Transport Minding
      • To ferry foster children for access and other appointments


Sign up at: If you are interested to know more, you can contact Aisyah at 89491329 or email at

Our fostering programme welcomes a helping hand. Interested families and individuals are invited to join our team of foster parents, foster respite carers and volunteers as we endeavour to promote family-based care for foster children in need. Reach out to us through our contact page to join our team today.

Learn more about Fostering!

PPIS Oasis is a fostering initiative that supports foster parents in their efforts to provide a safe and stable home environment for foster children through our therapeutic and support services. The centre facilitates the fostering journey by helping foster families develop a healing and healthy relationship with foster children – all while allowing these children to realise their potential and aspirations.


Hear about a pair of PPIS Oasis foster parents share a little bit about their own fostering journey in Singapore.

Fostering Testimonials in Singapore

“Being a volunteer with PPIS Oasis has been an extremely eye-opening experience. From accompanying the children to celebrating their achievements, I have learnt so much about the meaning of resilience. By seeing the passion and perseverance of the parents, children and the other volunteers, I understand what it takes to be a better version of myself.”

Salimah Alias, Volunteer

“To be able to care, to be able to laugh with and to be able to impact young minds is a wonderful opportunity given by PPIS Oasis. One learns how important it is to constantly nurture the relationship between a child and a parent. And you also get to rub shoulders with this vibrant and eccentric generation of the future.”

Esha Ashar, Volunteer

“This little being looks up to you and knows you as the person that will keep them safe and that reason alone is enough to make us continue with this journey. Sometimes we struggle, and most days we pray to God to help us as we make this journey with any child God sends to us, as they are our Amanah from the moment they stepped in through our door.”

Mdm Faridah Ali, Foster Mother

“We are still learning along the way… our kids have taught us many things.. things that are mostly taken for granted as adults… they taught us to slow down, be happy on any occasion, laugh at the silliest mistakes, be merry, be silly and many more… we are ever so thankful for their presence in our lives…”

Mdm Ramlah Ishak, Foster Mother

Frequently Asked Questions About Fostering In Singapore

What is fostering in Singapore?

Fostering in Singapore is a temporary care arrangement for children and young persons who need a safe, secure and loving home environment. While the foster children will remain the legal children of their natural parents, the end goal of fostering is to reunite foster children with their natural family.

Why do some children need foster care in Singapore?

There are many reasons as to why children need foster care in Singapore. Some reasons include abuse, neglect and abandonment.

What kind of support is available to foster parents in Singapore?

There are various support and benefits for foster parents in Singapore. This includes monthly fostering allowances, medical benefits, respite care and childcare leave. Foster parents will also have access to training programmes and support groups to enhance their caregiving skills, and receive regular support from social workers.

How long does a foster child usually stay with a foster family?

The duration of foster care can range from a few months to a few years, and varies from child to child depending on the foster child’s natural family situation. As the foster children will remain the legal children of their natural parents, they will be reunited with their natural family at the end of the fostering process.

How can someone apply to become a foster parent in Singapore?

The fostering process in Singapore starts with the foster parents’ application through any of the accredited fostering agencies. Applicants need to be at least 25 years old, Singapore citizens or permanent residents, have attained at least Secondary School Education, and have a minimum household income of $2000 and per capita income of $700. Applicants will go through a series of interviews, and the process will take up to 3 months.

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