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PPIS Oasis – Centre for Fostering, is the third national fostering agency established in 2017, promoting family-based care of foster children in need.



PPIS Oasis was established in 2017 and is the third Fostering Agency appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). Through casework management, therapeutic and support services, the centre hopes to facilitate the fostering journey of both foster child and parents. The centre also aims to reach out to more aspiring foster parents through recruitment efforts.


Our Services

Training & Casework Management

We provide effective training and casework management for foster parents to enhance their capacity and skills as foster parents.

Therapeutic & Support Services

PPIS Oasis also provides therapeutic and support services for foster children to facilitate their journey in developing a healing and healthy relationship while in care, and to realize their potential and aspirations.

Interested families and individuals are invited to join our team of foster parents, foster respite carers and volunteers as we endeavour to promote a family-based care of foster children in need.


“Social worker is wonderful in handling my family situation. I am very grateful and feel that without her, our problem will be worse. Thanks a million.”

At PPIS Family Service Centre

“Saya ingin hubungi pusat ini jika saya perlu nasihat dan khidmat.”  (I will call your centre when I need advice and services.)

At PPIS Family Service Centre

“Saya sangat berpuas hati dan juga berterima kasih atas bantuan dari PPIS juga dari Aidil yang banyak membantu dan nasihat untuk saya sekeluarga.” (I am very satisfied and thankful for PPIS’ assistance, also from Aidil who helped me a lot and offered advice to my family.)

At PPIS Family Service Centre

“I’m very thankful. Counsellor has been sincere in helping me through this life crisis.”

At PPIS Family Service Centre

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