Young Marriages


At INSPIRASI PPIS, we recognise the sanctity of marriage and the importance of supporting young marriages.


PPIS was one of the two organisations that were appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) in 2007 to prepare and strengthen young marriages. Young couples, where either partner is below 21 years old or where the groom-to be is 21 to below 25 years old and the bride-to-be is 21 years old and above, can benefit from INSPIRASI PPIS’ Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP).


Our services are designed for young couples and their parents to make an informed decision on marriage, as well as to prepare the young couple for family life. Apart from MPP, young and married couples can also benefit from a range of Marriage Support and Enrichment Programmes in the first ten years of their marriage.

Programmes & Courses

Premarital Consultations (Pre and Post Workshop Sessions)

Staff of INSPIRASI PPIS will engage couples and their parents to find out how to further strengthen their relationships, address potential concerns that couples and/or their parents may have and discuss post-marriage plans. Couples and their parents will be introduced to INSPIRASI’s programmes and services that will support them in their marital journey.

Marriage Education Workshop (#S.M.A.R.T INSPIRASI Cinta)

Couples will learn essential skills and knowledge to build a strong foundation in their marriage through fun and interactive workshops. We also have workshops for parents and/or guardians so that they are able to guide the couples in their marriage.

Club INSPIRASI Marriage Enrichment Activities

Couples can gain skills and knowledge to manage challenges and strengthen family life through interactive couples and/or family activities.

Engagement and Support Group Sessions

Couples can learn from peers and the facilitator on how to address practical issues in the marriage and provide information and tips to help couples enrich their marriage and family life. Through these sessions, they can provide mutual support to one another along their marital journey.

Casework & Counselling

The sessions will provide couples further support in managing challenges in their marriage.

Information & Referral

Provision of information to couples on available community schemes.


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