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PPIS Vista Sakinah is a centre that specialises in preparing and strengthening remarriages. The centre works with couples and families to awaken resilience and foster a sense of peace and tranquillity in the life of their stepfamily. 


PPIS Vista Sakinah offers special services for couples who are about to re-enter the realm of remarriage through marriage preparation courses, private consultations, and workshops for stepfamilies who want to improve the quality of their family life, as well as children who may need support in adjusting themselves with the life of their stepfamily. At PPIS Vista Sakinah, training is also provided for social workers and counsellors to hone their communication skills whilst dealing with issues related to stepfamilies.

Programmes & Courses

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Remarriage Preparation Programme

Thinking of remarrying after a divorce? At PPIS Vista Sakinah, we will guide you through the foundational aspects of your remarriage to establish a stable stepfamily through Program Memupuk Kasih™ (PMK) or Nurturing Love Programme™. Program Memupuk Kasih™ (PMK) is a special marriage preparation course or kursus rumah tangga aimed to support local Singaporean couples and international couples (Singaporeans marrying foreigners and/or applying for Long-term Visit Pass (LTVP)).


Programme Intakes

The programme consists of an orientation session and workshops that will be held throughout the year in English and Malay. Couples are encouraged to register for Program Memupuk Kasih™ at least 3 months before the date of your marriage. A certificate of participation will be given upon completion of both orientation session and workshop.


For Local Singaporean couples

Day: Saturdays
Time: 9am - 5:30pm
Language: Malay / English
For International Couples
(Singaporeans marring Foreigners, and/or applying for LTVP)

Day: Wednesdays
Time: 9am - 5:30pm
Language: English
12 March 2022 (Malay)16 March 2022
2 April 2022 (Malay)No Workshop
21 May 2022 (English)11 May 2022
11 June 2022 (Malay)No Workshop
16 July 2022 (English)20 July 2022
13 August 2022 (Malay)No Workshop
17 September 2022 (English)21 September 2022
15 October 2022 (Malay)No Workshop
12 November 2022 (English)23 November 2022
10 December 2022 (Malay)No Workshop



Progamme fees are fully funded by the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF). Participants are not required to make any payment.




Please click here to download the programme e-brochure.

Fitrah Enrichment Programme

The programme focuses on family aspects events and activities aimed at rebuilding new memories as a stepfamily. Parents and children of stepfamilies can participate together in family recreations and staycations as well as stepfamily camps and forums. Informative workshops on Faraidh and parent support groups are also formed specially for parents.  



Please click here to download the programme e-brochure.


Vista Sakinah conducts the X’tra Family workshop to support and prepare children to adapt to the stepfamily life.  Topics of discussion are more inclined to their understanding of the concept of stepfamily, recognising unique emotions, communication between family members and healthy ways of dealing with new challenges.  


For children who have attended the workshop, or who are in the stepfamily, Vista Sakinah also conducts other enrichment activities such as drama adaptation, immersion and drumming workshops and iftar camps. 



Please click here to download the programme e-brochure.

Consultation and Counselling Sessions

Private consultation or handling of cases related to stepfamily issues such as adjustment, communication issues or expectations of family members, and step–parenting roles.  


Vista Sakinah also handles cases referred by the Syariah Court, and collaborates with other agencies. 

Professional Training for Social Workers & Counsellors

Vista Sakinah conducts professional training for social workers and counsellors that aims to educate them on how to better handle issues related to stepfamily.  This training is only held when there are requests.   


Currently, Vista Sakinah’s services and support are also extended to online platforms to safe management measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Upcoming Events

Program Memupuk Kasih (Remarriage Preparation Programme)


A personalised orientation session with a facilitator who will walk you and your partner through your individual marriage needs and goals.


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