How To Choose The Best Student Care Centre For Your Child

How To Choose The Best Student Care Centre For Your Child-Student care services

How To Choose The Best Student Care Centre For Your Child

How To Choose The Best Student Care Centre For Your Child-Student care services


Student care centres provide a continuum of care for children entering primary school. It offers working parents an alternative care arrangement for their school-going children. Beyond caring for the children, student care programmes also help supervise children’s homework and organise enrichment and recreational activities.


However, narrowing down a shortlist to identify a suitable student care service for your child can be daunting given the extensive options available in Singapore. If you are in a similar boat, fret not! Let us discuss the vital considerations that define an excellent student care service to help you make an informed decision.


Factor #1: Location


Location-Student care services


The location of the student care centre and its proximity to your child’s school and home is perhaps the most vital factor to consider during your search. Having a holistic student care service located close to your home provides you and your child with added convenience. You will also have the peace of mind when making arrangements to pick up your child after work or in between errands.


Factor #2: Quality of care


Don’t underestimate the influence a student care teacher can have on your child! An enthusiastic and nurturing teacher plays a significant role in ensuring your child’s developmental needs are met. Research demonstrates that teachers have two to three times the impact on student performance on reading and Math tests. 


Additionally, their contribution to students’ learning outcomes goes beyond the classroom. Teachers can also impart essential life skills and cultivate positive learning attitudes, thereby impacting students’ self-efficacy in specific subjects and their behaviour in class. Therefore, it is vital to seek to learn more about the experiences of the teachers working in your preferred student care centre and observe how they interact with their students.


Factor #3: Operating hours


Operating hours-Student care services


The operating hours of a student care service must be considered when searching for the ideal centre. Find out whether it aligns with your requirements and schedule as this will positively impact your decision. Essential elements to consider include the flexibility of the arrival times, the latest pick-up timing, and whether the centre operates during the school holidays.


Factor #4: Programme and curriculum 


An excellent after-school student care service has a clear vision of the values it aims to nurture in its students. Consequently, it will detail a well-thought-out education framework to aid its students in their academic and personal development. As a parent, you would want to ensure that your preferred centre provides a wide variety of programmes and activities to allow your child to harness their talents.


Consider centres that focus on nurturing children through empowerment, providing a structured timetable consisting of various educational and enrichment programmes, as well as skill-based and sports activities. Through such holistic learning experiences, your child can broaden their horizons and unleash their potential. 


Factor #5: Learning environment


 Learning environment-student care service


A safe, responsive, and nurturing environment is essential to support the learning and development of every child. Given that your child will be spending a significant amount of their after-school time in the centre, you may want to consider the learning environment that you intend for your child to experience.


A valuable student care service prioritises an environment that encourages students to showcase their skills and harness their latent potential. It is important to ensure that your child’s developmental needs are met in a learning environment with nurturing teachers and caregivers. A safe environment will need to be considered as well.


Every parent would want the absolute best for their children. This includes providing them with the ideal after-school care programme to help them excel and grow. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to consider the factors above when choosing quality after-school care for your child.


Our 7oaks Student Care Centres (SCC) checks off the list in accordance with these criteria presented. Our student care service focuses on nurturing students through empowerment, providing children with the platform to broaden their horizons through holistic learning experiences. It also equips children with moral values and valuable life skills they need for the future. Do not hesitate to contact us or visit today when you consider to enrol your child in our student care centres!